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We are really pleased to have an interview with Robert Scott, publisher of EOS magazine. If you use Canon equipment, this is the perfect example of an opportunity to make money from your photography as submitted images are regularly used to illustrate articles in the magazine.

Robert's Bio
After leaving art college, Robert worked on Practical Photography magazine in the 1970s and 80s. He left to set up his own publishing company which has now been in business for around 30 years.

What is EOS magazine about?
EOS magazine, launched in 1993, is for EOS camera enthusiasts everywhere. In-depth articles help you to understand how your camera works and how to use its features to improve your photography.

Who writes the articles?
Most of the articles are written in-house, but we also publish material from other EOS experts.

Where does your photography come from?
We maintain a pictures library of around 20,000 images to illustrate some of the in-house articles. Some of the contributed articles are supplied with images. We sometimes write the words to go with a portfolio of photographs.

How much do you pay to photographers for their images?

Words and pictures supplied as complete article: 80 per page
Cover: 100
Full page: 80
Half-page: 45
Quarter-page: 25
One-eight page: 20
One-sixteenth page: 15

How do photographers submit work?
Copy and/or photographs can be sent on CD or DVD to:

EOS magazine, The Old Barn, Ball Lane, Tackley, Kidlington, Oxfordshire OX5 3AG

However, many contributors use an online transfer service such as DropBox or wetransfer (free for small or occasional use) to:

It is a good idea to check that we are interested in a contribution before sending.

How many images do you use in each edition?
Around 70 to 100.

Do you have a preference for certain subjects?
Not really.

Are there any subjects to avoid?
We rarely use reportage or glamour photographs.

What kind of images do you need most?
Comparison shots. We like to demonstrate camera features and techniques with before and after, or with and without images.

Do you ever use articles written by freelancers as well as their photographs?

What makes for a successful image submission to EOS magazine?
Bright, colourful images. Dark, moody images do not print well.

Is there anything else you'd like to add to possible contributors to EOS magazine?
We publish an occasional email newsletter giving details of current photo requirements. To be added to the mailing list send a request to:

To visit the EOS magazine web site click here.

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