Blog - March 2018 - Imperfect Perfection

book with blog on the cover Is imperfect the new perfect? Brands are very clever when it comes to keeping on top of current trends. They have to move with the times or risk being left behind in their ever-evolving markets. To stay current to their customers, brands must present their product in contemporary ways and a major branding tool, photography, seems to have taken a very unusual direction to achieve this.

Commercial photography of people and products was for so long highly polished, beautiful, lavish and at times stunning (Pick a car commercial, any car commercial). Now though, the evolution of photography platforms like Instagram and the ease with which everyone can access photography using their phone or tablet meaning they think more photographically than ever before, our perceptions of photography that sells, has changed.

Now it seems that the polished image is old hat, the new perfect is an imperfect image with authenticity. Itís not about the product anymore, itís about the customer and how they use that product. Brands are keen to show their products being used by real people in real situations. Us as clients can relate to that a whole lot easier than seeing a picture-perfect model using something in a picture-perfect home. What is perhaps most interesting is that the imagery doesnít have to be of the highest quality. If it lacks a professional polish but shows authenticity then the imagery will still appeal and is just as likely to sell the product. Being relatable is trumping sheen and that canít be a bad thing.

High-quality imagery will always be required for some brands in certain situations but including authenticity will always add that all-important appeal.

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Article Date - March 2018
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