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book with blog on the cover Why do Some Creatives Become Famous?
As creatives who are starting out on their journey to building a career the first port of call is the bottom rung of the ladder. Every single creative who ever built a career started right here. Every photographer or filmmaker you ever admired also took their first ladder-based steps to career success.

We all start on the same rung however some creatives become so successful they achieve fame whilst others who seem to create work that’s equally as interesting never reach the great heights of the ‘stars’. The success of some is such that their name becomes a brand much like the big phone companies that we know as much for the company as their products. So it is with the famous creatives.

Even the stars have to make great work and obviously this is how they break out from the melee of other creatives. Eye-catching is what it’s all about. This then continues and at some mysterious point the personality becomes associated with the work and the ‘star’ is born. At this point the work continues but somehow the quality doesn’t quite matter. The creative’s name or their new ‘brand’ carries them along and now amongst their audience it’s almost assumed the work is great.

I wonder at what point and why that mystery break point hits and their career reaches new heights? Is it that mythical x-factor we hear so much about? Does their personality contribute to the way their work is perceived? Mostly everything has been photographed many times over so there’s nothing new under the sun and yet we will look at the work of the ‘star’ and still enjoy it as if we’d never seen anything like it before. How this works is a mystery to me but it’s very interesting to ponder how it all works.

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Article Date - April 2018
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