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book with blog on the cover The actor and artist Jim Carrey said that ďpeople that are different have a shot at being originalĒ. That statement goes a long way to explaining whatís required to break out of the masses of other people who are also trying to break out . Thing is, nobody ever broke out by doing the same things as everyone else. Itís going to take something unique for anyone to notice.

Itís very easy to see someone who has developed a successful formula and to then try and copy it in the hope that some of that success will rub off. The difficulty with this approach is that lots of other people will also have seen that winning formula and tried to create their own version of it and at the same time, the original is still out there probably putting the copies to shame anyway.

Rolling back and interpreting Jimís quote, it takes something different to create something new that, with some luck, will become as popular in itís own way as what has gone before. Those original successful ideas must be an inspiration and a demonstration that itís possible to come up with new popular things.

It is these new ideas though that are very hard to find. They really donít grow on trees and to be brutally honest, most people will fail with their ideas. However as we said in an earlier blog post, failure is an option as thereís a lot to be learnt from things that go wrong. If the effort is made to capture some unique from the big cloud of untapped ideas we just never know, maybe our next project will be the one that catches the imagination like nothing else that has come before.

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Article Date - July 2018
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