Blog - September 2018 - Risks of Creating Content

book with blog on the cover MySpace. Do you remember it? Did you have an account on there? Do you still use it? It was, in its hayday, a giant of the Internet and anyone who was anyone on the T’interweb had a MySpace account. Now It is but a shrivelled husk of its former self and whilst it is still an active site, we don’t talk about it much anymore.

We all know and probably subscribe to the big sites these days, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and the rest. We’ll spend a great deal of time on these popular platforms keeping up to date with status updates, picturesm news and videos. For some users they’re a profitable place to be. Fortunes are being made by content providers (CPs) and it’s no surprise that many other users decide this is a good idea to make their own content in an attempt to follow in their footsteps.

These sites will always be happy to see new CPs because really they need a churn to keep things fresh for everyone who consumes other people’s output and new CPs will be happy to try their luck buoyed by the opportunity to turn their work in to financial gain.

There will probably be a couple of approaches to the work added to the site. Some CPs will see what has gone before and copy it in the hope of hitching a ride on somebody else’s bandwagon. The second approach will be to take inspiration from those who have gone before but create something new. There are of course no guarantees to success in anything we do in life but the chances are, by creating something fresh, pushing our heads above the parapet of banality are increased greatly.

Here though is the rub, for anyone who invests time and money in creating content for these platforms is taking a risk that the site will still be around long enough for them to start making some income from their efforts or indeed doesn’t change the rules to restrict how and when those earnings are made. Take Instagram for instance, many users are complaining that an algorithm change has had an impact on the visibility of their posts with fewer people seeing their work and a reduction in follower numbers. This is hugely disheartening for many people and understandibly so. The risk that their new content doesn't generate any interest is real too. Misjudge what people are interested in and it's a lot of effort for nothing That though is a risk for everyone who decides to create. The popular SM sites look rock-solid at the moment but who knows what's around the corner?

As we’ve said many times here on CreativesGo, being a producer of art, music, or any of the visual medias, with the intention of making money from it, always comes with inherent risk. But if we didn’t have people who are prepared to take those risks and actually make something then the world would be a boring place indeed. It is though important to remember that not everything we do will lead to success and it’s equally important to enjoy the journey and learn from all of the things that don’t work in order to find the things that do.

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Article Date - September 2018
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