Blog - December 2018 - Celluloid Skills and Digital Revolutions

old and new cameras Have you seen the new Osmo Pocket 4K 60p video camera yet? What an amazing piece of kit this is, a tiny stabilized handheld camera that easily fits in your pocket and at a surprisingly cheap £329 given the specification on offer.

Thinking on about how much technology there is wrapped up in this tiny device for not much money, as filmmakers and photographers these days we really have an amazing array of tools at our disposal to express our creativity. Just with the Pocket alone, it would be simple to make a highly polished film that the technology of just a few years ago would have struggled to match. The rich features of today’s tech is now available in our phones, mirrorless cameras and of course our DSLRs. We all have the opportunity to express ourselves with great results.

If we look back, many say our revolution began with the Canon 5DmkII which offered full HD recording using any of the lenses the filmmaker could put their hands on to get that cinematic ‘look’. But for me the real revolution was when digital recording was made available to the creative ‘on the street’, replacing expensive film. Recording to cheap media and instant playback to check the scene was an incredible evolution for anyone who previously only used celluloid. What we’re now taking for granted does highlight the skill of the professionals who only had film to work with. They had to get it all right without the benefit of instant playback. Those filmmakers and photographers had to rely on their expertise and get through a job never knowing if they’d actually got it ‘in the can’.

I would certainly like to tip my hat to those creatives who had to get the job done and made great work using equipment we’d probably find impossible to work with now. We certainly have no excuses for making below par films and photography these days.

Lets not forget too that this is the last blog post of the year so here's wishing you a merry Christmas and a happy new year! Hope Santa brings you some great new tech..

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Article Date - December 2018
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